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Policies & Procedures

The following is a shortened summary of policies, rules, and regulations in effect for the Blackfoot School District No. 55. You may contact the Transportation Department if you have any questions.

Safety is the primary consideration for students traveling on school buses. Transportation policies, rules, and regulations, have been established by the Blackfoot School District Board of Trustees, the Idaho State Board of Education, and the State of Idaho for the protection of students. Students are expected to follow these established rules and regulations. Rules are posted on all the school buses, in addition, all students receive a safety practice lesson every Tuesday from the bus driver throughout the fiscal school year.  Parent(s)/guardian(s) should review and discuss school bus rules with their child(ren) in an effort to help the student(s) understand and accept responsibility for good school bus conduct. Riding a school bus is a privilege, not an undeniable right. The school bus is an extension of the school, students are under the jurisdiction of school personnel while riding the bus and while loading and unloading.


It is not the district's responsibility to supervise or handle situations such as fighting which may occur while students walk to and from school or while they are at a bus stop. The primary responsibility for these situations is with the resource officer or other law enforcement officials. However, secondary support is given by administration and other district personnel. The district is not responsible for loose dogs in the neighborhoods, these situations will need to taken to local pet control or other law enforcement officials.

Any student that knowingly attempts to assault, threaten or cause bodily harm to a school bus driver will be disciplined according to Blackfoot School District No. 55 policy. A student could be suspended from the school bus for five (5) days and possible loss of riding privileges for the remainder of the school year, criminal charges could be filed.

Suspension of bus privileges are only determined by a school administrator and/or the Transportation Director. No student is denied bus privileges without being given an opportunity to present his/her version of the incident in question prior to disciplinary action being taken or until his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) are properly notified. Any student suspended from riding can not ride any other regular bus or any activity bus. The 1st offense results in a parent letter home, allowing the parent(s)/guardian(s) to discuss the situation with their child(ren). 2nd offense is a three (3) day suspension from the bus, a five (5) day suspension for the 3rd offense and a 4th offense results in a parent meeting with the appropriate school officials which could result with a behavior contract or possible loss of riding privileges for the remainder of the fiscal school year.

The deliberate destruction of defacing of the interior, exterior, or any other part(s), including the seats of a school bus, will result in immediate loss of transportation privileges (i.e., cutting, tearing, poking holes, writing, marking on the seats or pulling tape off). Restitution or arrangements for restitution for damages must be made before the student's transportation privileges are reinstated.

Items left on a bus are held on that bus for two (2) weeks. If they are not claimed within that time they will be removed and kept at the contractor's bus garage for one month. At the end of the month if they are not claimed they are donated to a local charity.

Policies & Procedures - School Bus Drivers

Blackfoot School District No. 55 will provide Driver Handbooks at the beginning of each fiscal school year for driver review. Driver handbooks contain rules and regulations adopted by the Blackfoot School District No. 55 based on State, Federal and local laws. These rules and regulations are not necessarily inclusive but are representative of what is expected of school bus drivers providing transportation for students of the Blackfoot School District No. 55. In addition to district policies, the district contracts its busing services, therefore, the contractor(s) may have policies and procedures that drivers will be expected to incorporate.

All new drivers will complete the Idaho School Bus Training Curriculum and all experienced drivers will complete the required training each fiscal school year as specified in Idaho Code Section 33-1508, 33-1509, and 33-1511

All school bus drivers will follow the eight (8) step process for railroad crossings as indicated in Idaho Code Section 33-1508, 49-648, and 49-649

All school bus drivers will follow the District procedures for loading/unloading students as indicated in Idaho Code Section 49-1422

All schools shall provide supervision of loading and unloading areas at or near schools. They shall provide a close, continuous and interactive supervision whenever students and/or buses are present in loading areas.  Idaho Code Section 33-1508, and 33-1509

A school bus shall be backed only as a last resort; buses shall not back to turn around on a public roadway, unless the local board finds there is no alternative to backing buses on certain roadways. The local board then, by official action, may allow backing of school buses on certain roadways Idaho Code Section 33-1502

Idaho Code 18-1522 Unauthorized School Bus Entry Notice

School districts shall place notices at the entrance to school buses which warn against unauthorized school bus entry. A person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor if that person

a) Enters a school bus with intent to commit a crime;

b) Enters a school bus and disrupts or interferes with the driver; or

c) Enters a school bus and refuses to disembark after being ordered to do so by the driver.

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