If you do not know your student's elementary zone, please visit our Boundaries/Maps page. Once you know your elementary zone, please select the appropriate set of instructions. Please note that some stops are for specific age groups only.

Our routing system can be difficult to understand. We are here to help! Please give us a call, or email your questions to us!

8-5-20 Please note that any new bus stops that are added between August and September will not be reflected here until late September/early October. If you do not see your stop, please call or email our office. Thank you!

Please remember, a handwritten note does not substitute for a bus pass. Please contact your school to find out their bus pass policy. If your student does not have a bus pass, we will request that they take their regular bus home.

**Disclaimer – please note that all times are approximate and are subject to change based on student population, construction, safety and any other mitigating factor that could cause our times to change; as well as State and Federal Law. This list is as inclusive as possible, any changes will be updated within a reasonable time frame.**

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